An Amazing

New Opportunity

A Second Campus for Capstone

  • After years of careful planning and development at the school’s 25 acre property on Cactus Ave, God has presented Capstone Christian Academy with a tremendous new opportunity.

  • The board has learned about an existing school campus right down the street from Capstone's Cactus property that is for sale and has entered into escrow to purchase the building.

Fully Developed, Ready to Go

  • The building would allow us to start the right way, in a high-end facility, in our first geographical target of SE Las Vegas.

  • It’s a fully developed school campus, complete with classrooms, playgrounds, and even school buses.

  • It allows us to start sooner than we imagined, moving up the opening date from Fall of 2022 to the beginning of 2021, just a few months away!

The owners want us

  • The owners of the building have already turned down 2 cash offers from other parties because they prefer to sell to us.

  • Capstone has 45 days to raise $3.2 million to buy the building at a special price.

We are already over half way there!